My Hollow Head

A view of the world from my perspective.

For those of you following my blog based on my recent posts you may be wondering if you’ve signed up to read the rantings of a man obsessed with Halloween. Well, there’s some validity in that sentiment, but I assure you this isn’t a blog dedicated to the topic of Halloween. However, as the season approaches you can expect many posts associated with the celebration of Samhain, but as we near Christmas the same rules will apply to all things Santa, snowflakes and evil elves…uh, I mean happy elves. I can’t help it…blame it on my mom.

So, here’s another fun little piece of Halloween memorabilia to share. It’s called the Halloween Convention of Spooks and it’s 7 minutes of fun, vintage goodness sweet enough to rot out your front teeth. Enjoy.

One thought on “Make Way For The Spook Show

  1. I just switch to skeleton gingerbread men and cthulhu christmas cards when the seasons change… 😉

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