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A view of the world from my perspective.

If you’re an adult who is far too sophisticated, cool or even important to be bothered with highly imaginative books and/or movies originally intended for children, tweens and teens then it is likely that you aren’t familiar with writer/director Ransom Riggs. But, it isn’t too late to up your cool factor now and get to know him and his work.

Riggs’ most recent book, “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children,” was a New York Times bestseller and quickly caught the attention of the King of Strange and Unusual (and my personal hero), writer/director Tim Burton. The mere possibility that “Miss Peregrine” could potentially be a Tim Burton project was more than enough reason to entice me to read the book and when I did, I found myself enamored with a fictitious group of “children” wielding very special abilities and jumping between past and present dimensions to find a safe haven and escape the wrath of a diabolical creature. As an author who masters the art of conversational dialogue and storytelling, Riggs cleverly adds an additional layer of interest to his already engrossing tale through the inclusion of hauntingly creepy vintage photographs that by themselves could mesmerize you for hours.

Miss Peregrine” was a quick read, but one with a cliffhanger leaving me very anxious for more. Like a child before Christmas I can hardly wait for the release of Riggs’ follow-up book, “Hollow City,” to reach the shelves of local booksellers (and online phenomenon Amazon) January 14. Clearly it would be a waste of time trying to reach me that evening because I will be feverishly reading this long awaited sequel. I’ll certainly post my personal review of “Hollow City,” but why don’t you take this opportunity to let down your “grown-up” guard and unleash the imaginative whims of your inner-kid and read “Miss Peregrine” before the release of “Hollow City.” Allow Riggs’ creativity to help you escape the chains of adulthood worries and enjoy his tales of adventure, mystery and the supernatural. 

Personally, I refuse to ever grow up and I willingly rush to open the creaky and spooky doorways of imagination and wonder created by two of my favorite artists of all time – Ransom Riggs and Tim Burton.

Hollow City” will be available January14 at a bookstore, Amazon and iBooks. Pre-order your copy today.

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