My Hollow Head

A view of the world from my perspective.


If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a million times, “no one likes change.”
What’s so wrong with change?
If you’re not s total filth monger or someone with a fetish for smelly, sweaty, stinky, sticky, musky, pungent, sour, rancid god-awful, horrible odors then you probably change your clothes each day. You probably change your sheets at least once in a while to wash the funk off . But, most importantly, you change your mind. You throw the cookies back in the pantry to have some chips instead. You decide not to go to the dry cleaners because the traffic is terrible and you think you can wear your suit one more time because no one will notice the small greasy spot on the butt of your pants from accidentally sitting on that french fry (news break – everyone notices the greasy spot on the butt of your pants and thinks you either sharted or have a leaky suppository). You decide to dump someone via text message after a pretty good first date simply because they said the word “like” 147 times over a 2 hour period and anyway, even though you’re in your mid-40’s and looking a little long in the tooth, you can clearly do better.

We’re finicky. We’re humans. We’re tragically flawed. Truthfully, we only think we know what we want, but feel entitled enough to expect forgiveness for changing our minds, actions, behaviors, etc. for whatever reason we want without any repercussions. That’s the privilege of being a free bitch in the USA, right?

So, if regular change in our personal lives is our prerogative and totally acceptable at any time and for any reason, then why is change so impossible and/or challenging in our professional lives?

The modern day work place is igniting rapid change. The days of Don Draper are over. The Brady kids have all grown up. Gilligan and the crew were rescued. Even the cast of Friends decided that they could live apart from one another, found neurotic partners and moved out of the city into the land of mini vans and soccer games. The world has changed and the only way to keep up is to change with it.

No one may “like” change, but what’s the big deal? There was nothing was wrong with the typewriter, but the computer made life easier. There was nothing wrong with the telegraph, but the telephone made conversations much easier. There was nothing wrong with walking, but driving a car sure made the trip a lot faster.  Initial change may feel uncomfortable, but instead of working harder to make it fail, give it a chance and perhaps your life will be easier.

Look at the porn industry…at first, gentlemen only had what looked like a viewfinder and photo cards with semi-naked women on them that they had to change in and out. Then came moving pictures in adult cinemas. A bit more risqué and increased embarrassment of being caught, but at least it freed up the hands. The 1970’s introduced porno magazines delivered directly to your home followed by the VCR in the 1980’s, DVDs in the 1990’s and now you have sex dolls, an Internet filled with any kind of porn you can imagine and FaceTime to watch each other without shame or possibility of being arrested. Without the influence of change, many men would still be figuring out how to juggle those viewfinders and photos with one hand while the other…well, while the other is otherwise occupied.

Embrace change. Create your own change. Create change that works the way you want it to work. Create change that simplifies your life and offers you a free hand. If you can’t get with the change being introduced, if it is just that painful for you then do everyone a favor and just quit your job. Move to the country. Live in a house with no air conditioning. Walk everywhere you need to go. Milk cows for a living (there’s not much that can change in that profession) and just stay out of the way. For those of us who want to make things better, faster, easier and more efficient you people who cry and bitch about change just get in our way and make things far more difficult than they need to be. So, thanks for taking your bad attitude and whiny ass out of my way and allowing the rest of us the ability to use our free hand for much more enjoyable things.

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