My Hollow Head

A view of the world from my perspective.

Almost 9 years and a Supreme Court ruling later, my partner and I are finally getting married. That still sounds so weird to actually write/say…”we’re getting married.” Those just aren’t words I ever expected to use – at least not in a truly legal sense. Nonetheless, we’re putting a ring on it and threatening each …

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Born into a Southern Baptist home, raised around devout Catholics, baptized Episcopal, fascinated with Hinduism and wanting to convert to Judaism, my religious beliefs span the spectrum of greater deity worship. I know I believe the following: There is a power in the universe greater than we can truly comprehend. Coincidences are not actually coincidental. …

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According to Rosie O’Donnell she suffered a heart attack last week. I’m sorry…I’m not sure I understand why any of us should be surprised. Thanks, Rosie for confirming what everyone already predicted years ago. It’s like deja vu for me all over again when in the early 1990’s I predicted you were a lesbian.

No, the picture above is not me on a Saturday morning (but, I can see how you made that mistake). That is a picture of one of the funniest ladies ever to walk this great planet – the legendary Phyllis Diller – and she left us all for the great whoopie cushion in the sky …

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I might actually be god or just a brilliant idiot

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My Hollow Head

A view of the world from my perspective.

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